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Smooches received

2008/12/10 Book arrived today , Thank You!!!!
tucsonazdryheat (USA: AZ)
2008/12/06 Thanks for mooching from us! Thanks for taking advantage of our 4 for 3 deal, we will smooch a credit back to you. S&L (USA: FL)
2008/12/04 Here is your extra credit back for my 3 for 2 deal. Thank you for ordering off my shelf. I'll get the books in the mail by tomorrow.


Angie (USA: AL)
2008/11/24 Diana (USA: IA)
2008/11/22 For the Free book (A Stockingful of Joy by Jill Barnett) kaly (USA: FL)
2008/09/25 You had two books from me, so I'm giving you two smooches.
Gale (USA: FL)
2008/09/25 Hi,
I received your book back in the mail today, I will re-mail it tomorrow. I wanted to give you your point back because I felt you'd already waited too long for it. Plus it was my fault, I really should not label at 2 in the morning,
Gale (USA: FL)