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Smooches received

2011/07/22 Claudia Pichardo (Mexico)
2010/05/18 Thanks for mailing to Canada! Debbie S (Canada)
2009/10/07 This is for the Christmas book Eric & Karen Warren (USA: MD)
2009/08/31 Thank you for the Slow Cooker Cookbook, I was surprised to see it come in the mail after cancelling, but am happy you did follow through. It is a very nice book, and a very nice gesture that is appreciated. Thank you again so much, and Happy Mooching. Vickytoria Vickytoria (USA: AK)
2009/07/07 and a third! Diolch yn fawr iawn I'm now 33 from target and more mooches in! Gill. tennantfamily (United Kingdom)
2009/07/07 and another back... tennantfamily (United Kingdom)
2009/07/07 Here's one back... tennantfamily (United Kingdom)
2009/06/29 the extra point you requested tehanu (USA: CA)
2009/04/25 Thanks for the book :) kislany (Cyprus)
2009/04/22 Hey Stuart,
Thx again for yr original offer re Trances book and all yr efforts in getting me the other 2 mooches in record time.

cheers, Eva

Eva (Canada)
2009/04/12 Thanks Stuart! You're a great BOOKMOOCHER. :o) Chris S R (USA: PA)
2009/02/21 Thanks again for the multi-mooch. Helena (Sweden)
2009/02/21 Thank you for mooching 8 books from me! Wow, I feel like I've won the jackpot. :-) Helena (Sweden)
2009/01/29 Thanks for offering me the Fante. He's a writer who has been on my reading radar for years, but have just never read.
chris (Japan)
2008/09/04 Thanks for the amazing copy of Jean Christophe! Kate Simonian (Australia)
2008/08/24 Hi there I figured I would just do it this way.

Is this alright?


Kate Simonian (Australia)
2008/06/10 Heather Sunderland (Finland)
2008/06/10 Heather Sunderland (Finland)
2008/06/10 Heather Sunderland (Finland)
2008/06/10 For your understanding and the kind way in which you dealt with it. Heather Sunderland (Finland)
2008/06/05 Thanks Stuart, for your help when we got started in BookMooch. It seems like so long ago. Here's the return on a 2-for-1 for you. Peter and Colleen Vachuska (USA: WI)
2008/04/28 Thanks so much for being a huge help and a patient fellow!
kittsdottir (USA: NC)
2008/04/19 You are very helpful in helping new people that join and just thought that you should be acknowledged for that. anonymous
2008/04/15 Thanks for being an angel! anonymous
2008/04/06 Stuart - Lyn again. I've been trying to figure out how to give you multiple points at once, but it seems random smooches is the easiest way! so here's another one. Your parcel is en route. Cheers. Lyn (Australia)
2008/04/05 Because you have such wonderful taste in books! :-) Lyn (Australia)
2008/03/28 Fastest.Postage.Ever anonymous
2008/03/27 Lesley G. (France)
2008/03/27 Lesley G. (France)
2008/03/27 Thanks, you are really great to newbies! anonymous
2008/03/27 Have a point! anonymous
2008/03/17 Will continue to look for this book - if you get it feel free to send this mooch point back my way - in the meantime, I'm just taking care of business. Thanks for your patience and all of your kind instructions while I learn my way around.


1Michaele (USA: NY)
2008/03/10 just because anonymous
2008/02/18 Gifting 2nd of 2 credits back...thanks for the mooches! They are ready to go...I'll send DC info later! Marie (USA: PA)
2008/02/18 Gifting 1st of 2 credits back Marie (USA: PA)
2008/01/29 Stuart - Thanx for Mooching 3 books from my inventory! I hope they arrive in good shape. Enjoy!
Muncie, IN.
Jeff & Carmen S. (USA: IN)
2008/01/24 Stuart -- Thanks so much for sending the books and tapes. I've been away from Bookmooch for a while, & didn't acknowledge receipt of the Lead the Field tapes and the Hyrum Smith book. But I DID get them! (Receipt of The Road Less Travelled was acknowledged on Bookmooch) The books and tapes and your generous offer are much appreciated. Regards, Will

Will (USA: NY)
2007/11/27 Super quick to respond!!!! anonymous
2007/11/19 Thanks!! I liked the Black Beauty book a lot. We don't own a copy! Rena (Israel)
2007/11/06 This is from Shoshone - keep the newbie notices coming! anonymous
2007/11/01 Thanks for the bookmooch cards [sent with Henry VIII and His Court]. I had forgotten to add that in the comments field of the feedback form.

Have a blessed day,


selkie (USA: IL)
2007/08/31 A smooch from a friend... :-) anonymous