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Smooches received

2009/06/09 2 for one mooch Shiro Nami (USA: VA)
2008/12/03 2-for-1 Kristin Thibodeau (USA: ID)
2008/09/12 i am going to delete my account until i have a job. it is too expensive for me! LOL! so here is my one point that i have left. I <3 u! tolyaso1416 (USA: OH)
2008/09/04 For ordering Phillipa and Flame and the Flower, here is one point back. :) pamela (USA: OK)
2008/08/27 This is your 2 for 1 rebate for the two Left Behind books you requested. Charlene (USA: WI)
2008/05/24 Here's a point back for your second Piers Anthony paperback. Kar-bie (USA: LA)