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Smooches received

2008/12/28 Thanks for the trouble you have gone to for me! Maraming salamat! Manigong at Maligayang Bagong Taon mula sa aming laha!
tennantfamily (United Kingdom)
2008/09/02 This is for Wuthering Heights. Thank you! :) Raiah (Philippines)
2008/08/11 My apologies again for any damage my use of newspaper caused! Aramada (USA: WA)
2008/08/05 Hi, thanks for the great book! Anicz (Philippines)
2008/06/30 Babyroadrunners (USA: WV)
2008/06/30 Babyroadrunners (USA: WV)
2008/06/22 I hope you like the books. :) paula (Canada)
2008/06/22 Thanks for mooching from me. paula (Canada)
2007/10/30 Thanks for mooching from me! Here's your 1 point back for the 3-for-2. I really hope you are enjoying BookMooch as much as I am! Patti (Philippines)