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Smooches received

2011/01/07 Smooching you back a point for your recent Hillerman mooch to support your charitable efforts. :) Miss Smilla (USA: VA)
2010/05/12 Thank you for mooching from me. Here is your point back. Fern (USA)
2010/05/12 Keep up the good work. Kathleen (USA: OR)
2010/04/14 have another point back since you have a wonderful charity. That way, you are getting 5 of my books for two points. : )


Elwood (USA: MO)
2010/04/14 thanks for the 5 mooches. Have this point back as a gift.


Elwood (USA: MO)
2009/12/12 I am sending a book and a smooch- thank you for your work! Troy (USA: CO)
2009/08/03 Thanks for mooching three from me! Fullmoonblue (USA: IN)
2008/04/10 another smooch please feel free to order from me again. I will always give you a deal 2 for 1. Heather (USA: AZ)
2008/04/10 point back for deal to you Heather (USA: AZ)
2008/01/12 Smooches for the work you do! zenfish (USA: OR)
2007/10/30 Willow (USA: CA)
2007/09/06 Fantastic idea! Hope the book is enjoyed. Hatterluke (United Kingdom)