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Smooches received

2009/12/25 Merry, Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year! anonymous
2009/05/14 Light book, not much more than sending to US :) AC (USA: CA)
2009/04/26 Postage to Canada is cheap! Here's a point back. Carly (USA: TX)
2009/02/17 Ditto! Julie (USA: WV)
2009/02/17 You rock, thanks for sending internationally! Julie (USA: WV)
2008/09/03 Hi Paula,
thank you very much for the feedback, and I am happy that the books arrived ok. I hope it's ok if I only smooch one point back for the box 1 book in this case, because the other one was so very heavy (it's not the size over here, but the weight, actually, that makes for expensive postage).
Have a great day!
aganmooch (Germany)
2008/08/10 anonymous
2008/08/09 Looks like your running low. Kinda nice to return the favor from when I was a newbie!!! Priscilla (Canada)
2008/08/05 Thanks for mailing the book I requested - and I know what a pain postage is :) Debbie S (Canada)
2008/07/12 2 for 1 refund Shauna (USA: OR)
2008/07/12 2 for 1 refund Shauna (USA: OR)
2008/07/06 to help with postage Cara (Canada)
2008/06/09 Here's one point back on my international mooch deal. I invite you to check my inventory from time-to-time, as I regularly add new books, which are noted with the yellow highlighted date making them easy to find, and I intend to continue the point deal for the foreseeable future. Thanks, Stuart Stuart (USA: CA)
2008/05/15 Part of my new deal :) Here's your extra point back! Hope you enjoy the books, as I know I did all of them. Bonnie Lynn (Canada)
2008/02/21 Just cuz your running low on points. Hee! Hee! Priscilla (Canada)
2008/02/11 I'm smooching you right back because of the mix-up! Cara (Canada)
2007/09/24 A SMOOOOCH for you! Priscilla (Canada)