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Smooches received

2014/01/06 Thanks for being an angel :) Steph (Australia)
2013/02/01 thank you for the 2 books, it was very nice of you to send check my inventory and I will send to you..Have a smooch for being willing to send out of your country..Thank you Trina trina (USA: NY)
2012/06/08 spookky (Israel)
2012/06/08 spookky (Israel)
2012/04/20 spookky (Israel)
2011/11/10 Krystal (USA)
2011/09/17 Thanks for sending F is for Fugitive :) Yvann (United Kingdom)
2011/08/09 Ana (Spain)
2011/05/06 spookky (Israel)
2011/05/02 laura (Spain)
2011/03/27 Thank you again. Dorit (Israel)
2011/03/11 And a 2nd point back. Michal (Israel)
2011/03/11 Thank you for mooching. Your points are back as promised. Michal (Israel)
2011/02/24 thanks so much for sending me this book!!! Glenda Hamilton (USA: CA)
2011/02/19 muyilusionada (USA: MA)
2011/02/19 muyilusionada (USA: MA)
2011/02/19 muyilusionada (USA: MA)
2011/02/15 Thanks! Dorit (Israel)
2011/02/05 Thank you for getting "Plateforme" for me!! I appreciate it so much. Glenda Hamilton (USA: CA)
2010/12/22 DevoluciĆ³n oferta Navidad 2x1. Felices Fiestas!! Nito (EspaƱa)
2010/11/18 Thanks again! anthy (Japan)
2010/09/21 Thank you very much! :D Whitney (USA: PA)
2010/09/14 thanks for mooching this book for me. and NO HURRY TO SEND!!! I have plenty of books to read for the next few months! Glenda Hamilton (USA: CA)