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Smooches received

2011/10/25 Thanks for sending Finnie Walsh to Canada! All the best to you, and Happy BookMooching! michelle (Canada)
2011/09/15 Thank you for sending to me mfkirke (United Kingdom)
2010/10/19 Thanks for agreeing to send internationally! Looking forward to getting the book. Adrienne (USA: IA)
2010/09/23 Thank you for giving us a new mystery to solve :) dichroic (Finland)
2010/09/01 for the most creative correct answer to the interdisciplinary puzzle Rebel Sun (Japan)
2010/07/31 2/2 ... I hope you enjoyed it! Rebel Sun (Japan)
2010/07/31 first correct response to the contest 1/2 Rebel Sun (Japan)
2010/06/27 shhhhh!!! being close counts, but don't tell anyone... Lola Soleil (Canada)
2010/06/20 for being the first person to respond correctly to the cryptic challenge...hope you thought it was fun Rebel Sun (Japan)