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Smooches received

2010/04/13 :o) Nina (USA: MN)
2010/03/07 And here's point #2 back! Yvonne (USA: VA)
2010/03/07 Here's point #1 back! Yvonne (USA: VA)
2009/11/17 For mooching two books & being so patient with me. Jessica (USA: GA)
2009/11/07 point for 2-for-1 deal. Lisa H (USA: IL)
2009/06/10 Hiya,

I'm really sorry you haven't got The Lunatic Cafe yet.

I sent it via work and it was in the middle of our office move, apparently some things got left behind and this package was one of them, I've since sent it as fast as I can, so it should be with you shortly.

I'm so sorry for the delay, I hope the smooch makes up for it.

Simon Edwards (United Kingdom)
2008/10/11 From books mooched 8/20 during a "mooch 3, get 1" offer! Sorry it was overlooked! :) D.Stokes (USA: IA)
2008/08/23 2 for 1 gets you a point back. Lisa R (USA: NC)