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Smooches received

2009/03/08 anonymous
2009/02/24 I just figured out how to give you that SMOOCH!!! You deserve it. - Donna R. Donna R. (USA: IL)
2008/12/18 Merry Christmas! My daughter decided I had too many points and should smooch all of my friends a Christmas Prestent.
srndive (USA: MO)
2008/11/05 Thanks for the multi-mooch! srndive (USA: MO)
2008/10/15 Thanks for mooching! Jaime (USA: MD)
2008/07/17 Will try to get your books out in tomorrows mail. Thanks! Cheryl (USA: TX)
2008/07/17 Cheryl (USA: TX)
2008/07/17 Cheryl (USA: TX)
2008/07/15 I will not be able to send you the book, First and Favorite Bible Lessons, I am having to cancel all transactions. Please accept my apologies. I am refunding your point. Michelle Littleton (USA: AL)
2008/07/09 2 for 1 set 3 castlehillmom (USA: OR)
2008/07/09 2 for 1 set 2 castlehillmom (USA: OR)
2008/07/09 2 for 1 set 1 castlehillmom (USA: OR)
2008/06/24 Thank you for sending the book anyways!!
Wonderful wonderful!!
gloriavirtutisumbra (USA: IA)
2008/06/22 Joya (USA: CA)
2008/06/22 Enjoy! Joya (USA: CA)
2008/06/22 Thanks! Joya (USA: CA)
2008/06/15 Thank you for emailing me the details! gloriavirtutisumbra (USA: IA)
2008/06/10 2 for 1 castlehillmom (USA: OR)
2008/06/04 here's a smooch for your 2 for 1 from me Shauna (USA: OR)
2008/05/05 For the extra Nate the Great book ~~ Thanks!! :) I was so surprised! tara (USA: OH)
2008/04/30 Thanks for being great about the whole thing! Regina (USA: OR)
2008/04/26 For Nate the Great. Thanks! :) tara (USA: OH)
2008/04/22 2 for 1 Shauna (USA: OR)