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Smooches received

2014/09/01 Thank you for requesting 2 books from me! Lisa Wenner (USA: PA)
2013/06/21 Thanks Lori - you're so generous and I really appreciate it. Diana (USA: IA)
2013/02/04 Awesome Book!!!!
Arrived today. Here's your 2nd credit as promised!
Barb (USA: OK)
2012/12/03 Hey Lori!
As promised, here's another point for your book!
Have a great day!!
Barb (USA: OK)
2012/09/25 So sorry i never got back to you or sent the book. I am trying to figure out how to give you a point. I am never like this life has just been very busy for me lately. Again my apologies dawnie (USA: NY)
2011/05/09 Thanks for shipping to my country! Vicky (Canada)
2011/05/09 Thanks for shipping to my country! Vicky (Canada)
2009/07/16 Dear Lori,
it was kind of you to give me a point but it wasn't your fault i sent the book to the wrong address. I keep hoping that one day my brain will function properly but at 46 it still hasn't happened!! enjoy the book when it finally arrives.
dragonrider (United Kingdom)
2008/04/26 Thanks! I'll send the books out Monday. Catherine the Librarian (USA: OR)