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Smooches received

2012/10/15 Thank you very much! Sofia (Sweden)
2011/04/18 this fine mooch deserves a smooch!! thanks again for a great experience. Glenda Hamilton (USA: CA)
2010/10/18 Here is the return point on the 2 for 1 from us.
Best wishes.

Peter and Colleen Vachuska (USA: WI)
2009/05/24 Thank you so much for sending the book. Rosemary Meechan (United Kingdom)
2009/04/14 A smooch back at you for all of your help:) Becca (USA: OH)
2009/04/04 Thanks for mooching from me. I am glad to see these books getting a good home:) Becca (USA: OH)
2009/02/09 Thanks for mooching 2-for-1. We hope you enjoy the books. Peter and Colleen Vachuska (USA: WI)
2008/12/16 Thanks for mooching 3 for 2! Laurie (USA)
2008/12/06 Read the introduction last - it contains spoilers! anonymous
2008/11/14 Here's your point back on my 2-for-1 offer. Thanks for mooching! Stuart Stuart (USA: CA)
2008/08/14 Thanks for mooching 2-for-1. Peter and Colleen Vachuska (USA: WI)
2008/07/29 Many thanks for posting the Gabriel Knight book to the UK. I have been trying to get hold of a copy of this book for a very long time. You have really made my day. Thank you so much! chunnie (United Kingdom)
2008/07/18 Thanks for mooching 2-for-1. :) Peter and Colleen Vachuska (USA: WI)
2008/07/09 This is the 2-for-1 return. Thanks. Peter and Colleen Vachuska (USA: WI)
2008/06/25 A smooch for rainy days. anonymous
2008/04/29 Thanks for the mooching. I should be adding some theology books by the end of the week so check back. As always, 3 for 2. Catherine the Librarian (USA: OR)
2008/04/24 ...and here's the second point for the free book. Thanks for mooching from me. I invite you to take a look at my inventory from time-to-time, as I often add new books. Stuart Stuart (USA: CA)
2008/04/24 Refund of the first point on my deal offer... Stuart (USA: CA)
2007/11/24 Here is your point for the 2 for 1 offer.


harmonyartmom (USA: CA)