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Smooches received

2011/10/21 sorry I dropped the ball on sending this one for like a MONTH! Thanks for your patience. Kirstin (USA: SC)
2011/08/13 Thank you again kindly for doing this for me
The lady who will get them will be more than thrilled.
I normally send them to her from Ireland
Joan (Ireland)
2011/08/10 Thank you again
The 3 books are :
City Girl
City Woman
Apt 3b

The address shall follow tomorrow. Joan

Joan (Ireland)
2011/08/10 Joan (Ireland)
2011/08/10 Thanks - I presume I have to do this 3 times !
Joan (Ireland)
2010/07/14 y2pk (USA: OH)
2010/01/21 anonymous
2009/03/30 Leslie (USA: MI)