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Smooches received

2010/03/14 Thanks for mooching - Enjoy - threw in an extra for the kids. Catherine (USA: NY)
2010/03/04 Thanks for the mooches =) ^Mary^ (USA: FL)
2010/02/24 Free point back.
Nicole (USA: CA)
2010/02/19 Point back for 2nd book. Catherine the Librarian (USA: OR)
2010/01/27 I thought I'd give you a smooch and an extra point as the book you sent me cost so much to post ($7.53!) to England. It's much cheaper the other way round. Thanks again, Tom. Tom Commis (United Kingdom)
2010/01/18 Thanks for mooching from me. Hope the kids enjoy the books. Carole S. (USA: IN)
2010/01/01 Kami (USA: MN)
2009/12/25 Thanks for being a great moocher and for your donation to the EFF!


John Buckman (USA: CA)
2009/12/16 Thanks so much for the bonus books! BarbaraS (Canada)