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Smooches received

2009/09/16 Hopefully the book shows up on one of our ends, but either way enjoy the extra point! Ashlee (USA: TX)
2009/07/16 Here's your point for mooching 2. Thanks! MacsBrains (USA: NY)
2009/06/21 Hope this is useful. I know I am much luckier than those of you still fighting to survive in the present economy, especially with so many of my own friends out of work or being foreclosed on.
Carol (USA: IL)
2009/04/21 OOOPPPSSS!!!!
Forgot the hug!
morgansmom (USA: PA)
2009/04/21 Here is a kiss from me!(and a hug) Hope Jordan gets back to work soon.
If not- just put your nose in a good book on me!
morgansmom (USA: PA)
2009/03/09 Thanks for the mooch, here is a smooch! Peggy (USA: MI)