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Smooches received

2015/01/01 Thank you for requesting 2 books from me. Lisa Wenner (USA: PA)
2014/12/22 Thank you for requesting 2 books from me. Lisa Wenner (USA: PA)
2013/03/08 Thanks! Samantha (USA: NY)
2012/04/27 Here's your point back! Yvonne (USA: VA)
2012/03/12 here's your point back for the Bayou book! Kar-bie (USA: LA)
2012/01/03 Smooching you back your point for Clear and Present Danger. Hope you will enjoy. Peaceopi (USA: MS)
2011/10/10 So Sorry..I'm sad that the book didn't make it to you. Nina (USA: CA)
2011/09/19 Hi Thanks for mooching!! Nina (USA: CA)
2011/05/09 2 for 1 deal. Hope you enjoy the books :) Winter (USA)
2011/01/14 point back for2/1 sale - btw love your cat pic quilting4u (USA: CO)
2010/11/17 brittant2002 (USA: MD)
2010/11/17 Thanks for mooching. brittant2002 (USA: MD)
Thanks for mooching 3.
Michael (USA: ME)
2010/11/01 brittant2002 (USA: MD)
2010/11/01 Thanks for mooching! brittant2002 (USA: MD)
2010/10/28 enjoy your books! Chris (USA: MO)
2010/04/14 Hi Kathleen,
I am gifting back some of the points from your last mooch from me. Since I brought it from Nova Scotia to California to mail, the cost was only that of a domestic package, and why should you have to pay int'l mooch rates?
sycoraxpine (USA: HI)