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Smooches received

2011/12/23 Merry Christmas! michelle (Canada)
2011/10/13 Thanks again! michelle (Canada)
2011/05/13 michelle (Canada)
2011/03/16 Sharon Zink (USA: IN)
2011/03/16 Sharon Zink (USA: IN)
2011/03/16 Sharon Zink (USA: IN)
2011/03/16 Sharon Zink (USA: IN)
2011/03/16 Sharon Zink (USA: IN)
2011/03/16 Sharon Zink (USA: IN)
2011/03/04 and I'm sorry that I haven't been in touch :) michelle (Canada)
2011/03/04 Thank you for being my U.K. Angel! michelle (Canada)
2011/02/19 Thanks for Echo Burning. Hope all is well with you - I miss chatting with you, but it looks like we are both slowing down with the mooching, so there isn't as much opportunity anymore. Hang in there :) michelle (Canada)
2010/11/15 ...and this one's for never refusing an angel mooch. Thanks :) michelle (Canada)
2010/11/15 This one's just for being my friend! michelle (Canada)
2010/11/15 Thanks so much for packing those five books so well for the voyage. I will happily reuse all of that bubble wrap (if my little boys don't get to it first!) michelle (Canada)
2010/11/15 I'm feeling a little devilish and wanting to smooch you a bit more - giving you more points to TRY to find a way of spending! michelle (Canada)
2010/11/15 Thanks so much for mooching all of those books on my behalf, and sending them overseas to me. I truly appreciate it! michelle (Canada)
2010/09/27 Thinking of you. Hope you are having a great day!


michelle (Canada)
2010/07/27 Just having a bit of fun with my extra mooch points. Cheers! michelle (Canada)
2010/06/21 Thanks for being such an angel! Geophile (Canada)
2010/04/21 Thank you so very much 'angel'! Lman (Australia)
2010/01/17 Thanks for angeling the hardcover book:) Annie (USA: AZ)
2010/01/16 Once again, I thank you. :) Kat and Sarah (USA: IL)
2009/12/07 Thanks for getting the Oscar Wilde book for me. You are indeed an angel. VeraMarie (USA)
2009/11/27 Thank you so much for all your efforts on this book!
I really appreciate it, John :)
Jeannie (USA: WA)
2009/11/27 Jeannie (USA: WA)
2009/05/28 Thanks for being an angel! Brenda Ball (USA: ME)
2009/02/28 A smooch for all your help! Jemmm (Philippines)
2008/09/24 Just an extra thank you for being an angel for me! Jennifer (USA: VA)
2008/08/11 Hi, John. "The Time Traveler's Wife" finally arrived! I'm glad that it turns out it didn't get lost. I guess next time I'll wait until four months has passed before I marked something as lost. Thank you again for the book. Femmy Syahrani (Indonesia)
2008/04/27 ...And your point, as per my 'all internationals 1 point' offer. :-) Marina Bonomi (Italy)