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Smooches received

2013/10/22 Thank you for getting the Orson Scott Card books for us.
Lisa Gunter/ Quinlan Community Library
Quinlan Library (USA: TX)
2013/06/10 tequilajess (United Kingdom)
2013/06/10 Thank you so much. x tequilajess (United Kingdom)
2013/05/15 ...and again! lotuscandy (United Kingdom)
2013/05/13 anonymous
2012/05/15 Thanks for both books... : )Quinlan Community Library. Hope these smooch points help defray the costs. Quinlan Library (USA: TX)
2012/05/15 You are very generous. Thank you. From the Quinlan Community Library and Lisa. Quinlan Library (USA: TX)
2011/05/17 Bee (Canada)
2011/05/17 Bee (Canada)
2011/05/17 I saw that the book is going to a children's hospital. :) Please accept it as a gift from me! Bee (Canada)
2011/03/14 Thank you again for the airmail. Let me know if you need an angel from Italy/Europe. fran_ces (Italy)
2011/03/14 fran_ces (Italy)
2011/03/14 fran_ces (Italy)
2011/02/10 Karen (USA: MO)