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Smooches received

2012/04/02 Denise (USA: NY)
2010/12/24 Happy Holidays Cara (Canada)
2010/09/15 For your helpful posts and going that extra mile to help people out! Have a good day! anonymous
2010/09/08 Many thanks for your friendly, sensible and helpful messages in the forums! :) anonymous
2010/08/08 Once again I have to apologise profusely. I had asked my husband to take all my wrapped up books to the post office to mail for me and he never actually did it. So I'm smooching you this point on his behalf to apologise for telling you the book had been sent when it hadn't. I now have all the books back and will take them myself tomorrow (Monday 9 August) at lunchtime to be mailed. If you don't want the point please send it to someone else, do not smooch it back as I will be closing my account once I know everyone has their books. Best Regards M. (United Kingdom)
2010/04/03 Thanks for the username help! Angela (USA: PA)
2010/03/10 As an apology for delaying your book. M. (United Kingdom)
2010/02/28 Thanks for your help with the forum! broke1 (USA: NY)
2009/10/26 For the mistake about the Grisham. Sherri Jacobs (USA: SC)
2009/02/10 Thanks for the well-wrapped book and a quick transaction! Missy (USA: NC)
2008/09/11 Thanks for the recent transaction....I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Ftjazgal (USA: MD)
2008/08/13 Very well put... Will take into... ahem...

I can't believe I never mooched from you!

2008/06/22 because you put things so well, in a non-emotional, non-threatening yet instructive and understanding manner. also because i like your bio page. anonymous
2008/03/12 Thanks for the quick delivery! Rob (USA: PA)
2008/03/10 just because anonymous
2008/02/23 2:1 audio book deal :) SKingList (USA: NY)
2008/02/13 yet another impeccable forum post. kudos! anonymous
2008/02/06 Mmmmmm-wah! Thanks for all your throughtful, temperate and well-considered advice on the forum. This is long overdue! ;) anonymous
2008/02/06 Well, we'll just have to fix that, now then, won't we:-) Jo (USA: CA)
2007/12/06 random smootchie-boochie! anonymous
2007/10/09 How will it affect Wendy. Bwahahahaha! Nicholas (France)