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Smooches received

2013/05/12 Returning your mooch LaRae (USA: UT)
2013/02/03 There's nothing on here I want for one point. Nothing on my wish list coming up anyway. It's all yours for being such a wonderful person! :) bookel (Australia)
2012/01/06 Point return on Muddle-Headed Wombat at school due to cover condition. :) bookel (Australia)
2011/06/07 bookel (Australia)
2011/06/07 :) bookel (Australia)
2011/06/07 :) bookel (Australia)
2011/06/06 bookel (Australia)
2009/08/16 I really appreciate you sending such a large book overseas. It a big encouragement to me especially since I am homeschooling overseas. Thanks again. Tiger Brew (USA: FL)
2009/06/22 Thanks so much for multiple mooches! I will have them shipped out in about a week. Glad you can use them all. Jill G. (USA)
2009/01/23 2 for 1 deal on kids books Kids Books 2-for-1 (USA: CA)
2009/01/03 3 for 2, thanks SO much for helping me clear my shelves!!! bookfull (USA: CT)
2008/11/03 Here's your point back that you gave me on the two for one that I canceled. Thanks so much. MJ (USA: OH)
2008/09/24 Thanks for mooching! starfishian (Canada)
2008/08/15 Danielle M (Canada)
2008/08/15 HI Jennifer,

Although we can't blame anyone but Canada Post I'm going to give you back your two points for the lost book. The rest of my mooches are going to be wrapped twenty times over in packing tape.

Danielle M (Canada)
2008/06/29 3 for 2 deal, thanks for the mooches! luckylane27 (USA: CA)
2008/06/12 3 for 2 deal, thanks for the mooches!
luckylane27 (USA: CA)
2008/06/02 thank you for the beautiful books Cara (Canada)
2007/12/10 Did she really package up 28 books for me? Did she really charity me some points so I could get them all? Did she certify they were gorilla free?

Yes, yes she did.

The storytellers of the Bay Area thank you.

Tim (USA: CA)
2007/09/06 Thank you! Thank you!

I really appreciate all you did with the book.

Thank you! Thank you!

You're awesome!

Jennie (USA: NJ)