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Smooches received

2015/03/30 Thanks for requesting 3 books from me. Lisa Wenner (USA: PA)
2014/12/04 This is for sending you the wrong address - sorry! Thanks for re-sending! twp77 (USA: NY)
2014/06/18 the book "addictive personality" wasn't lost. I finished reading it several months ago. Thanks for the book! EGB (USA: IL)
2014/03/05 I received this book after I cancelled it so I sent you a smooch to make up for your lost point. Audrey (USA: NV)
2011/10/05 I have too many points at the moment so I'm smooching you one back as a thank you for your mooch! sdb (France)
2010/10/21 refund for 2/1 sale quilting4u (USA: CO)
2010/10/01 You ordered 3 books from me and I want to give a point back to you! bkydbirder (USA: AZ)
2010/09/24 Thanks for your previous multiple-mooch; it was appreciated. John John Vernon Scott (USA: PA)
2009/05/13 I'm sorry for the long wait. ^Mary^ (USA: FL)
2009/01/31 thank you so much... Mary (USA: FL)