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Smooches received

2009/08/07 Thanks for mooching two books from me! Suzi (USA: CA)
2009/08/06 Returning your point for my two for one special. Charlene (USA: WI)
2009/07/30 For mooching the Flay book. Enjoy. Ed Hahn (USA: MT)
2009/07/23 Louise Casias (USA)
2009/06/07 Thanks for taking advantage of my 2 for 1 sarah7287 (USA: OH)
2009/04/22 salzmann (USA: KS)
2009/04/22 salzmann (USA: KS)
2009/03/31 Kimberly Miller (USA: PA)
2009/03/27 Here is a return point on the 2-for-1. Thanks for mooching. Peter and Colleen Vachuska (USA: WI)
2009/03/07 D. Adams (USA: MO)
2009/03/07 D. Adams (USA: MO)
2009/02/14 I apologize for my lateness in mailing your book! Lauren (USA: MD)
2008/11/26 Hi dear Ilana! I hope you've not forgotten me! Majid Abdolrahimi (Iran)
2008/09/26 thanks for being so helpful! Pesky Chloe (United Kingdom)
2008/07/17 Here is that point! Thanks for mooching! Catherine the Librarian (USA: OR)
2008/07/05 Vagabond (USA: NY)
2008/06/25 Here is that point back. Thanks! Catherine the Librarian (USA: OR)
2008/04/12 Thank you very much dear Bookmooch Angel Ilana for mooching books for me! Majid Abdolrahimi (Iran)
2008/03/19 Hello! You're a great and lovely Bookmooch Angel, dear Ilana! Majid Abdolrahimi (Iran)
2007/11/26 Thanks for your understanding!! Glenda Hamilton (USA: CA)