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Smooches received

2009/12/25 Merry, Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year! anonymous
2009/08/08 Happy Birthday! anonymous
2009/02/04 For being a kind angel. Thank you! Shari (Philippines)
2009/01/09 here you go! kwp (USA: CA)
2008/12/25 Merry Christmas!!! I hope you find the person who was offering the 2 for 1 deal.


rainalina (USA: MI)
2008/09/08 and the last one. . . chris (Japan)
2008/09/08 and the third chris (Japan)
2008/09/08 and the second one. . . chris (Japan)
2008/09/08 Please bestow this on your daughter for me! chris (Japan)
2008/09/04 It's not for the second smooch, but because your email made me smile. Thank you :) kislany (Cyprus)
2008/08/29 Hope this smooch helps you mooch more :-)
Hugs and happy weekend
2008/08/29 Mmmwwwaaah! anonymous
2008/08/29 Have a smooch! anonymous
2008/08/09 And your send prize point! wester (Netherlands)
2008/08/09 Congrats! You got third the prize in my contest! wester (Netherlands)
2008/08/08 An auspicious date for a birthday...here's looking at you, kid! anonymous
2008/08/08 Happy birthday! anonymous
2008/08/07 Have a smooch! anonymous
2008/08/06 anonymous
2008/08/06 anonymous