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Smooches received

2010/02/06 Here is your point back for your patience! Krystle (USA: MA)
2009/10/03 yipee I finally figured it out, again Lee, I am so very sorry and embarassed. Thanks for teaching me how to do this and being so kind about the postage. Enjoy the smooch
You are the best. Hugs Pat
Pat (USA)
2009/08/01 here you go! kwp (USA: CA)
2009/08/01 here you go! kwp (USA: CA)
2009/03/26 Thanks for working with me to get those mooches corrected; I received the book and everything's in order! =] Rachael (USA: CA)
2009/02/21 Thanks for the requests. Here is your return smooch. Scott Huber (USA: FL)
2008/08/04 No idea what you smell on the book... I am pretty sensitive to odors and would never have passed it on if I felt it had anything wrong. As far as 'good' compared to 'very good' condition.. well, that is subjective for sure and I guess I am not as particular.. Here you go and please accept my sincere wish that you not be dissatisfied.
susan bondesen (USA: OR)