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Smooches received

2012/02/24 Thank you so much for the extra Cardmaker magazines that you included with my books. I love them!! Erin (USA: FL)
2010/03/16 Thanks for sending such a lovely hardback! Sophie Houston (United Kingdom)
2010/02/22 A smooch for your lovely cat! anonymous
2009/11/29 pt. 2 of 2 for free 2nd book. thanks! Rise (Philippines)
2009/11/29 pt. 1 of 2 for free 2nd book. thanks! Rise (Philippines)
2009/02/09 Right back at ya! Jennifer (USA: IN)
2008/08/26 You're such a good friend and you look like you could use a point :)


Jennifer (USA: IN)
2008/07/28 Point for the 4th book. Thanks for mooching! Catherine the Librarian (USA: OR)
2008/07/28 Here's a point for the 2nd book. Catherine the Librarian (USA: OR)
2008/06/16 Thanks for waiting for the book! midwifey (Canada)
2008/01/12 for slight moisture warping on icy sparks Fifi (USA: CO)