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Smooches received

2010/11/19 Thanks for helping me out with this I really appreciate you understanding my rejection.


soupogoil (USA: CA)
2009/09/23 here you go! kwp (USA: CA)
2008/09/14 Here is the return point on the 2-for-1. If you are unhappy with the condition of your mooches, let us know and we'll return your other point. We're Poor Capitalists. -P&C Peter and Colleen Vachuska (USA: WI)
2008/03/21 for the incorrect ISBN number - and the kind feedback Farmer's Wife (USA: MO)
2008/02/27 for the delay Fifi (USA: CO)
2008/01/07 For Moon over Manhattan, thanks for sending it, I'm far to fickle with mooching and canceling. Happy reading Karen (USA: WA)