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Smooches received

2009/07/06 thanks for the books!!! kisses!!! wired_lain (Japan)
2009/06/25 Thanks for the books Gale;-) elet (France)
2009/05/04 I reported this excange as lost, I'm sorry I didn't know you were in the hospital, I'm giving you a "smooch" which will give you a point back. Thank you for your consideration and the book! Sherry Dickens (USA: MD)
2009/05/01 Welcome back Gale;-) elet (France)
2008/11/20 elet (France)
2008/10/18 thank you for the extra books!!!! can't wait to read them! wired_lain (Japan)
2008/10/16 Thanks for the multiple mooching! scworkman (USA: OR)
2008/09/01 2-for-1. Kristin Thibodeau (USA: ID)
2008/08/21 Here is a point back. I'm offering 3 for 2 on my shelf right now, so I wanted to send a point back to you. And if you want to pick out one more book, I'll be happy to send it along with the other 4. Just let me know.


Angie (USA: AL)