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Smooches received

2009/12/01 Thanks for the box full of books. I'd like to have another look at your inventory but it isn't visible right now. It may be economical if I mooch a few more books to be sent with what I have already mooched. Very happy with this set so far. Thanks again. edwinbcn (China)
2008/03/26 Thanks so much for sending a replacement copy of Arming America after the first one was lost in the mail. It looks like a great book and it's in awesome condition. I'm looking forward to reading it. THANKS!
Jenne (USA: CA)
2007/12/09 The Gordimer is in the most extraordinarily wonderful condition - best of any mooch I've ever received. And am so grateful you were prepared to send a hardback internationally. Thank you SO much. Mmathabo (UK) (United Kingdom)