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Smooches received

2008/12/15 Merry Christmas! Cara (Canada)
2008/09/21 thanks for the second mooch Cara (Canada)
2008/09/21 I just have this soul-deep aversion to throwing books in the trash as long as they are even remotely readable. Here is the point I owe you for Dragon Rising.

Hope you enjoy the books!

Cindy (USA: NV)
2008/09/20 Here's your return point. Thanks. Scott Huber (USA: FL)
2008/07/31 Tanya Marie (USA: OH)
2008/07/24 This is for your bookmooch cards! Korianne (USA: IL)
2008/07/17 I don't think that its a childrens book but you can have a point back anyway. Do you have all of the Addy books? Christina (USA: MO)
2008/07/17 Thanks for getting those two books for me. They're both fairly uncommon. I really appreciate it. Mmwah! VeraMarie (USA)
2008/05/29 Thanks for being an angel for me. This is just to get you started, another one on it's way when I mooch. VeraMarie (USA)