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Smooches received

2014/05/06 I'm very sorry about the cancellation. wyvernfriend (Ireland)
2013/09/08 :) Colin O'Sullivan (Japan)
2013/09/08 :) Colin O'Sullivan (Japan)
2013/09/08 Sending to Japan might be a little expensive so here's an extra point, thanks. Colin O'Sullivan (Japan)
2013/05/06 The book was great, just wanted to say thanks. Tricia Tricia (USA: CA)
2009/11/08 THANKS AGAIN FRIEND kickee (USA: MD)
2009/11/02 Thanks for being such a good sport! Jenni Canuck (Canada)
2009/10/14 Thanks for being an Angel! BarbaraS (Canada)
2009/10/06 Thank you so very much for being such a great angel! Lman (Australia)
2009/09/03 Thank you so much for the Angel Mooch! Mary Spurgeon (USA: GA)