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Smooches received

2011/05/31 Mary (USA: FL)
2011/01/04 To help compensate for shipping damage to book sent. L. Stansbury (USA: KY)
2010/03/01 I'm giving away BookMooch points for Lent. Enjoy! anonymous
2009/09/01 Just because. anonymous
2009/06/26 thanks for accepting my freindship. Appy Library: run by anwesha das (India)
2009/05/05 bigsisterspice (USA: CA)
2009/04/03 Sorry if book was unacceptable to you. It looked pretty clean and unread to me. susan (USA: AL)
2009/02/09 Sorry the POST OFFICE damaged your book. As stated in my email, here's your credit back. Again, there was no mold in that book. I double check all my books before accepting a request. By your feedback you leave others, I'm not really surprised by your unnecessary remarks. Have a Blessed Day. I'm done with mooch anyways! Janet (USA: MI)
2009/01/20 anonymous
2008/12/15 Sorry about the damage to the book. Kate Simonian (Australia)
2008/12/14 refund of point for book claimed to be in poor condition Mark Rice (USA: CA)
2008/10/14 Teresa Daly (USA: CA)
2008/07/06 Thanks for all the good mooching! Bonnie Morse (USA: OR)
2008/06/02 here is credit so you can take advantage of my 3 books for 2 credits offer. Heather (USA: AZ)
2008/05/28 I gave this to you because the book you want from me is sent, but it is in rough shape. I don't want you to be dissapointed. Hope this is fine with you. Kola TwoHearts (USA: ME)
2008/05/27 Smooch for my 3 for 2 special, thanks for the mooches, I will send your books out in a few days.
luckylane27 (USA: CA)
2008/05/24 Anastasia (USA: FL)