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Smooches received

2012/02/06 AshleyLSwain1983 (USA: OH)
2011/07/28 Thank you for helping our troops! Menai (USA: AK)
2011/07/02 thanks! Mallory (USA: ME)
2011/06/30 A smooch for doing so much for the animals & for others! You are really appreciated! Thank you! Kathie (USA: FL)
2011/05/09 Steph (USA: VA)
2011/05/02 For troubling to re-mail. That extra effort and exspense is not taken for granted! martin berkeley (Israel)
2011/02/05 anonymous
2011/02/05 anonymous
2010/12/02 thanks for forwarding my book to me. It arrived Saturday afternoon hopefully the sender will get your book to you soon. I checked with the PO and the only materials trashed if refused are ones that have "Printed Material" wrote or stamped on the exterior. k_kay (USA: TN)
2010/10/05 and another for the "bullies!" mmb (USA: NJ)
2010/10/05 Smooch for thanks and for all the good work you do. mmb (USA: NJ)
2010/09/05 Hi Kickee,

Here is your point back for the book.


ChristyJan (USA: UT)
2010/08/19 Thanks for mooching 3 at once! Katie (USA: MA)
2010/08/02 Thanks xx Peta (United Kingdom)
2010/07/18 Here's the smooch for Ghost Girl that you are sending w/ the other book - thank you!! Joanna (USA: VA)
2010/07/12 Kikee, here is the smooch for the other book Ghost Girl, thanks for recommending them to me.. have a great night.. hugs, Marti Marti (USA: TN)
2010/07/12 Hi sweetie, it won't let me mooch the books so here is a smooch for The Poison Tree and I will send you one for the other one too.. thank you.. Marti (USA: TN)
2010/03/30 As discussed, here's a free mooch point for my mistake!

Please let me know when the book finally arrives.

Best wishes,


Lauren (United Kingdom)
2010/03/27 Heres your point back for mooch 1 get 1 free :) Jammi (USA: MI)
2010/01/30 I owe you an apology; I thought I had already mailed the Africa book but I just now found it under a pile of papers! I'm smooching back the point you had sent me. Sorry! Whitney (USA: TN)
2009/11/18 your refund! will2-for (USA: CA)
2009/08/15 Donna Morais (USA: NH)