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Smooches received

2011/01/21 I got the Little Gems journal today. I wanted to say THANKS for sending it!!! I really do appreciate it.

Have a great weekend!

Jenny :^)

Jenny (USA: AL)
2010/12/20 Donna (USA: WV)
2010/11/01 Just for being so nice - John Vernon Scott (USA: PA)
2010/10/18 Back atcha! BarbaraS (Canada)
2010/10/01 Hi ~ I am smooching you back a point because Dark Legend has spine issues & actually just fell into 2 pieces as I'm packaging it...so consider it a freebie! The rest of the books are in great shape. Sorry & thanks! scworkman (USA: OR)
2010/09/30 2 for one deal Shiro Nami (USA: VA)
2010/09/18 Hey I meant to smooch you earlier, but now that another of your books came up, I just had to! My husband just woke for work and I thought I would check my wishlisted authors; I open them all in tabs :) Amy W (USA: MD)
2010/09/05 I sent the three books you mooched from me...the BUSH book, the ANOTHONY book and the SUZANNE SOMMERS book. As I mentioned the ANTHONY book is kind of well loved and has some water stain on it. The Suzanne S. book has no cover and the Bush book does have a few pages that somehow were damaged a bit. I am "smooching" you because I think it is great that you are an ANGEL for people who cannot get books internationally any other way, and because I feel bad about the less than perfect condition of the books. I hope this makes it up to you a little. Let me know if you ever need any other books. I have TONS AND TONS and most are not listed on book mooch yet, but I have many I would be willing to part with ....so let me know and if I have the book....it is YOURS. All the best Carla Thompson. Carla Thompson (USA: OR)
2010/08/26 Russ (USA: IN)
2010/07/26 Thanks again ;-) chicklit (United Kingdom)
2010/07/26 Thanks for agreeing to the International mooch chicklit (United Kingdom)
2010/06/21 Sorry about that! I hope my last email made a bit more since :o) Nina (USA: MN)