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Smooches received

2012/10/24 Thanks again! Candace (USA: MO)
2012/10/24 Thank you for sending the book Candace (USA: MO)
2010/08/12 Thanks Manda - very happy to receive these and 8 days before the family is coming!!! Woohoo!!!! Debbie S (Canada)
2010/08/10 Thanks Angel!!! Lman (Australia)
2010/08/06 A big smooch for a lovely Angel! wester (Netherlands)
2010/06/02 Here's another one for the same reason. :-) Cathy (USA: CA)
2010/06/02 I feel bad about the feedback; sometimes I let my temper get the better of me. I hope things get better for you. Have a great day! Cathy (USA: CA)
2010/05/25 Thanks for your support! Cheers! ylef (Germany)
2010/05/21 You are wonderful, Thank you! kickee (USA: MD)
2010/04/17 Thank you for being a BM Angel!! Eva (USA: CA)
2010/04/15 Have a smooch! anonymous
2010/03/19 thanks for the "dark fever" download!!!! orla orla johnston (Ireland)
2010/02/03 Thanks so much for the e-books. Ria R-B (USA: CA)
2010/01/27 Thanks for sending such a big book! Sophie Houston (United Kingdom)
2010/01/25 Thank you for mailing the book again! xeyra (Portugal)
2010/01/18 3 for 2 brownbear (United Kingdom)
2010/01/18 3 for 2 brownbear (United Kingdom)
2010/01/12 As I've just mooched a big book from you, have a smooch! Sophie Houston (United Kingdom)
2009/12/21 Mercy (USA: CA)
2009/12/01 again my bad on the condition on Past Redemption...Sorry I didn't add the condition notes... chris hobson (USA: PA)
2009/11/06 And another! anonymous
2009/11/06 Never enough points. Here's to a smile! anonymous
2009/10/21 Thanks again, you really came through! Keep in touch in case you need a book! kickee (USA: MD)
2009/09/23 thanks for being an angel! Cara (Canada)
2009/08/17 Thanks so much for sending to the US! :) Chris (USA: MA)