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Smooches received

2011/09/10 Thanks for angeling for me! Cara (Canada)
2011/08/28 Here's a smooch for you so you can mooch the book for me. Thank you very much! ytse (Sweden)
2011/05/10 Cancelled requests are so annoying. anonymous
2011/02/05 Welcome to the States! anonymous
2011/01/19 Above and beyond! anonymous
2010/04/23 Thank you for being an angel :) MacsBrains (USA: NY)
2010/04/22 Thank you, Angel! Jenni Canuck (Canada)
2010/02/02 TJBales (USA: NH)
2010/02/02 TJBales (USA: NH)
2010/01/08 thanks for sending this book all the way to Canada! Cara (Canada)
2010/01/04 For all those beautiful books! xx Lman (Australia)
2009/12/14 Cuz you just is! Lman (Australia)