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Smooches received

2010/11/16 2 for one deal Shiro Nami (USA: VA)
2010/11/14 Here is one point back on your mooch-one-get-one. Thanks! Jayme Diane (USA: CO)
2010/08/04 You freebie point for the 2 for 1 deal Hope you enjoy the books! Lisa R (USA: NC)
2010/03/24 Yes, you are wonderful! :0) I appreciate your willingness to help me out by mailing the book out to Jenny. Doug (USA: WA)
2009/12/31 2 for 1 BSC Mooch - sorry it took me so long to get this point back to you! Happy New Year! WilowRaven (USA: NH)
2009/12/06 Thanks for taking part in my 2 for 1! Mel Riley (USA: MD)
2009/12/05 2 for 1 Babysitter special! HeatherAnne (USA: WA)
2009/12/02 2 for 1 bsc books Kyle (USA: MI)
2009/12/02 2 for 1 bsc book Kyle (USA: MI)
2009/11/16 BSC 2 for 1. Thank you! Googlebutts (USA: WA)
2009/07/22 Misty (USA: MS)
2009/07/22 Misty (USA: MS)
2009/07/12 :) Jennifer D. (USA: OH)
2009/07/12 :) Jennifer D. (USA: OH)
2009/06/24 there ya go! the books should be out in the morning thanks a bunch! :) Jennifer D. (USA: OH)
2009/05/26 Thanks for the magazine mooch Ashley (USA: OR)
2009/05/26 Thanks for the mooch Ashley (USA: OR)
2009/05/13 For the 2-for-1. Thanks for mooching! Allison (USA: PA)
2008/11/24 Here's a point for the Pre Calculus book that you sent me. Sorry for the mix up. Andy (USA: ME)
2008/09/06 Thank you oodles Ashley! =) Your the bestest! Martha Anoush Azarian (USA: CA)
2008/08/28 I am so sorry I can't find your book, please mooch an extra book from someone on me! Laura (USA: MD)