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Ann M. Martin Karen's Cartwheel (Baby-Sitters Little Sister, 29)2
Dick Smith Winter Wonderland (Read with Me Cartwheel Books (Scholastic Paperback))1
George Jones My First Book of How Things Are Made: Crayons, Jeans, Guitars, Peanut Butter, and More (Cartwheel Learning Bookshelf)1

Grace MacCarone Itchy, Itchy Chicken Pox (Hello Reader!, Level 1)1
James Preller Wake Me In Spring! (level 2) (Hello Reader)1
Norman Bridwell Clifford The Firehouse Dog (Clifford)1
Norman Bridwell Clifford's Abc (Clifford)1
Robert D. Ballard Finding the Titanic Level 41
Norman Bridwell Clifford The Small Red Puppy (Clifford)1
Teddy Slater Wrong-way Rabbit, The (level 2) (Hello Reader)1
Norman Bridwell Clifford's First School Day (Clifford)1
Patience Brewster Too Many Puppies (level 2) (Hello Reader)1
Norman Bridwell Clifford Goes To Hollywood (Clifford)1
Lorraine Jean Hopping Wild Weather: Hurricanes (Hello Reader Science Level 4)1
Steve Metzger Dinofours: It's Class Trip Day!1
Jean Marzollo Christmas Cats1
Amy Hutchings Firehouse Dog (Read With Me)2
John Gustafson Voyager: An Adventure Through Space1
Stephanie Calmenson Roller Skates! (level 2) (Hello Reader)1
Kimberly Weinberger Space Jam (Hello Reader Level 3)1
Bill Cosby The Meanest Thing To Say: A Little Bill Book for Beginning Readers, Level 3 (Oprah's Book Club)1
JEAN MARZOLLO Scholastic Reader Level 1: I Spy A Scary Monster: I Spy A Scary Monster (Scholastic Reader Level 1)1
Faith McNulty Dancing with Manatees (Hello Reader!, Level 4)1
Steve Metzger It's Time-Out Time (Dinofours)1
Angela Shelf Medearis We Play on a Rainy Day (Hello Reader!, Level 1)1
Bernice Chardiet The Easter Ribbit (Read With Me Paperbacks)1
Hans Wilhelm Puppy Tales ( Scholastic Reader, Level 1)1
Caroline Jayne Church Ten Tiny Toes1
Jan Ormerod Newest Dancer (Ballet Sisters)1
Thea Feldman Clifford Loves Me (Clifford)1
Alice Low Mommy's Briefcase1
Grace Maccarone I See A Leaf (level 1) (Hello Reader, Writer)1
Carol A. Losi 512 Ants On Sullivan Street (Scholastic Reader Collection Level 4)1
David Kirk Miss Spider #2 - Miss Spider's New Car (Scholastic Reader Level 2)1
David Milgrim Eddie Gets Ready For School1
Scholastic Scholastic First Picture Dictionary - Revised1
Walter Wick Can You See What I See? Christmas Read-and-Seek (Scholastic Reader Level 1)1
Don Hoffman Very Special Snowflake1
Anthony Horowitz Stormbreaker1
Bill Cosby The Treasure Hunt: A Little Bill Book for Beginning Readers, Level 3 (Oprah's Book Club)1
Melvin Berger Chomp! A Book About Sharks (level 3) (Scholastic Reader)1
Steven Kroll The Biggest Snowman Ever1
Hans Wilhelm I Love Colors (level 1) (Hello Reader)1
Norman Bridwell Clifford and the Halloween Parade (Scholastic Reader, Level 1) (Clifford the Big Red Dog)1
Steven Kroll The Biggest Pumpkin Ever1
Kirsten Hall A Bad, Bad Day (My First Hello Reader)1
Walter Wick Walter Wick's Optical Tricks1
Stephen Krensky Children of the Wind and Water: Five Stories About Native American Children1
Norman Bridwell Clifford's Riddles (Clifford)1
Melvin Berger Screech!: A Book About Bats (Hello Reader Science Level 3)1


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