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SOS Educators : Third Grade v Kindergarten

Advise Welcomed

I have taught Kindergarten for nine years...alas, I was told on the last day of school that I will be teaching Third grade this year. The teacher who taught third moved up to fourth and is taking her materials with her. My classroom only has textbooks. No library books, no hands-on materials, not even math flash cards, etc. I spent almost $100 today and got only a few resource books mostly on multiplication and grammar. Hubby found some Magic Treehouse books at a second hand store for me.

I don't even know what books third graders are interested in reading. What if they are below reading level? Above reading level? Many are ELL students.

I have a lot of points, but don't even know where/what to search for. My school is a Title I school, but the budget is spent and the principal said no money is availble until late September which means by the time the PO is approved will be late October at the earliest. Teachers return July 26th and students return August 1st. I am trying to work on lesson plans. I have five students on IEP's, which I thought meant they receive funds from special services, but was told that was incorrect.

Are there any public/private/ or homeschoolers out there who could please guide this 50 year old teacher who loved teaching Kindergarten into a whole new field? I was told to concentrate on math and reading....for the testing. Jeez....I want to teach, not test.

Any suggestions for:
resource books for myself
books for the children's library

thank you in advance!

2 years ago

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