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Cara : forum messages they have written

Newbie Bookmoocher Thread : This is the place for new members to get info on Bookmooching

The Wiki is back!

Yeah, the wiki is working again. Great source of information for newbies!

Thanks to whoever fixed it;)

1 year ago

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Finding Books to Mooch

Katherine asked Can someone please help me navigate this site??? I have figured out how to add books. BUT can't figure out where to find the ones available to mooch! MANY THANKS!

You can find books from the Browse tab. You can search by title, author, subject (with mixed results) or ISBN. You can also click on the "recent" tab and see the feed of recently added books and search by country or genre. I also find a good way of finding books is to look at the inventories of people who have books on their wishlist that I also have on my wishlist. Since we are interested in the same book I figure we share similar interests. Good luck and happy mooching.

3 years ago
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Newbie Introductions

We used to do this a lot in the old forum, I thought I'd reintroduce the practice. Some Canadian newbies:

Meghan Ask First. Barbie mysteries

Michelle Only to my Country (at the moment, I've encouraged her to change that) YA fiction


Steph Ask First. eclectic and educational

3 years ago

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