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Newbie Bookmoocher Thread : This is the place for new members to get info on Bookmooching

Some tips for Newbies

Generally good suggestions to start BookMooching:

**Don't list any more books than you could mail out to start. seriously. Some BMers have listed their books & had almost all books mooched immediately... think $$. Don't get overwhelmed with too many mooches to start.

**Use ISBNs to post your books! The ISBN can be found on the back cover or on the page behind the title page. Using the ISBN assures that you are posting the same edition that people will request. Check the record to make sure that if your book is a paperback, the record says paperback. If your book is older & doesn't have an ISBN, then search to see if there is an existing record for your edition or a very similar edition. Please do not create a new record because more people will see it if you use an already existing record. IMPORTANT: If there is a difference in your edition from the one you use, put it in the condition notes!!!

**Condition notes are very nice. Even if you only put good, very good, or 'the dog nibbled a corner'. Most will choose a book with a condition over one without. You can even offer books that are awful, just put it in the condition notes.. someone may want a book to take to the beach or vacation & not worry about having to bring it back or keep it looking nice!!

**Status Notes: On your profile page is a section called Status. This message is posted with your book every time someone mooches. Let others know if your house has pets or smokers... if you send books immediately or every two weeks or you will be out-of-town for the next five years... anything that you would like to know from others, they want to know from you.

**Wrap your books for rough mailing!! Try to put some type of waterproof & tear-resistant packaging around your books. Tape is good... (don't use scotch, magic or 'office desk' tape) Padding really helps!! recycle your padded envelopes. Pretend that the post office is staffed by elephants & gorillas. (but they're not... really) TAPE IS GOOD!!

**Multiple Mooches If someone mooches two or more books from you, send them in one package!! Yes, it is OK!! They are trying to help you keep your postage costs down per mooch-point!! Plus, they are telling you that you are listing some really great books!! **If there are other books the (current) owner has, but you are out of points, ask them to reserve the book for you & wait on mailing the other books!! That way all the books can be mailed together, making it a very happy day when they arrive!!

**Communicate!!! Keep your moochers informed!! If your books are going to be delayed, let them know... Stuff happens. Thank people!! Smooch if you can, smile when you can't.

**Ask questions. If someone does something that you don't understand or gives you feedback you don't like, ask about it. Knowing that you care enough to ask about a situation will often smooth any ruffled feathers.

**Consider shipping internationally. It is often less expensive per point than mooching within your country... sometimes even cheaper than shipping within your country.

**EMAILS: Some BM emails are caught by Spam filters... Check your Spam Folder & add as an approved domain. The problem is that the mail comes from the BM servers, but has the BMer as the reply address. Many spam filters don't approve of that.

**The "Abuse" button. This is actually a notification button. If you are having problems with another BMer, you can click this button & explain the problem. There are some volunteers that mediate &/or solve problems that sometimes occur. And if one of those volunteers should contact you, its ok.. they are really here to help you.... and help BookMooch. They don't want you to get into deep problems... they are like lifeguards to help prevent you getting in too deep & drowning in the deep pile of books you might have to send or receive!!

2 months ago

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Welcome PBS members

Welcome to all the new members who have joined us from PBS recently. This is a good place to post questions. Us oldies will be happy to answer. More info can also be found here:

2 months ago

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The Wiki is back!

Yeah, the wiki is working again. Great source of information for newbies!

Thanks to whoever fixed it;)

1 year ago

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Finding Books to Mooch

Katherine asked Can someone please help me navigate this site??? I have figured out how to add books. BUT can't figure out where to find the ones available to mooch! MANY THANKS!

You can find books from the Browse tab. You can search by title, author, subject (with mixed results) or ISBN. You can also click on the "recent" tab and see the feed of recently added books and search by country or genre. I also find a good way of finding books is to look at the inventories of people who have books on their wishlist that I also have on my wishlist. Since we are interested in the same book I figure we share similar interests. Good luck and happy mooching.

3 years ago
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Newbie Introductions

We used to do this a lot in the old forum, I thought I'd reintroduce the practice. Some Canadian newbies:

Meghan Ask First. Barbie mysteries

Michelle Only to my Country (at the moment, I've encouraged her to change that) YA fiction


Steph Ask First. eclectic and educational

4 years ago

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