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How Do I cancel a mooch if the book gets returned?

Hi Everyone,

I've been on Bookmooch for a while now but this is the first time this has happened. Someone mooched a book from me and I sent it. I just received the book back from the USPS with an RTS sticker that says "Refused, Return to sender." I checked this person's status and they have no points and have not logged into the system for a long enough time period that their account is now 'on vacation.'

I sent the member an email asking if he wanted the book but I've not gotten (and based on his status) don't really think I'll get a response.

Since I got the book back, I wondered if there was a way to cancel the sent mooch? I'm not as concerned about getting the point back (though it would be nice...) but I want to make sure the book off my 'sent' list.

I tried to mark it as "lost" thinking I could put notes in the record indicating the book was returned, but it hasn't been long enough.

Any help/advice would be appreciated.

Thanks & Happy New Year!

3 years ago

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