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Elisabeth (USA: OR) : member bio

Name: Elisabeth (USA: OR)
Userid: lisbet

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Joined: 2007/10/16
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Country: United States

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Status message:
I have no pets, and have never smoked. Some of my books, however, may have come from the homes of smoking animal lovers. I will certainly mention it if either odor is noticeable to me.
Many of my books -- specifically the hardbacks -- are going to be ex-library! So be warned, if this bothers you. The paperbacks, however, are not. Many of them are brand-new, but most are on their continuing cycle of life, from one reader to the next. Since I am not selling these books, they are not rated. However, if one of them has any definite flaws, I will let you know. And I won't list books that are missing pages or have a broken spine, etc.

I'm a life-long reader! One of my earliest memories of school is shyly telling my first-grade teacher that I already knew how to read, when she scolded me for not paying attention to the alphabet drills. Her response was, "Oh, you do not!" and marched me into the second-grade classroom (where they had actual books!) and pulling a book off the shelf she gave it to me. I easily read the first few pages to her and the second-grade teacher, much to her embarrassment. She never liked me after that!

I still have a copy of the book! "Minnie the Mump and Other Stories" given me by my proud parents at my next birthday.

So ever since, I have been a book addict, reading whatever was available. When I was about thirteen, I read, "The Complete Book of Breast-Feeding," because it was the only book in the house where I was baby-sitting. Really! The ONLY book.

Now, however, having much more to do with my life, I've gotten pickier about what I read, and can actually sit in a room with an unread book -- or a whole shelf full of unread books -- if they are not the kind I like! I will re-read and re-read the good ones, however, and keep a stack of paperbacks for reading in the bathtub -- don't want to ruin my good hardbacks by dropping them in!

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