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Jo_in_Australia (Australia) : member bio

Name: Jo_in_Australia (Australia)
Userid: jobuckle

Inventory: 33
Points: 34.1
Mooched/given: 83/105
Pending mooch/give: 5/3
Mooch ratio: 1.00:1

Wishlist: 320
Feedback: +105
Smooches: 14
Charity received: 1
Friends: 3
Cancelled requests: 15
Books receiving lost: 1
Books sending lost: 1
Rejected requests: 2

Will send: ask if not to my country
Joined: 2010/12/28
Last here: 15 hours ago
Country: Australia

Books in inventory: 33

Status message:
I'll try to send overseas especially for hard-to-find books. However, the new U.S. "security" fee of $9 for incoming parcels (on top of postage) has added to the cost of sending to America, so please be aware that I probably won't accept US mooches.

If you're in the US or UK I might buy the book you've mooched from me from Amazon's second-hand listings and have it shipped to you directly, if it works out cheaper than paying for postage from Australia. Don't mooch from me if you're not prepared for that.

Otherwise, I'll generally send overseas books by sea freight, so don't mooch from me if you're in a hurry!

My books come from a home with a long-haired cat, but he's not big on reading so they're generally hair free :-)

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