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Messages: Great BookMooch experiences

Great Bookmooch Experiences

I was overwhelmed by the generosity of a particular moocher from the USA. I am always appreciative of those willing to post international but this time I recieved not only my mooch but a bonus book from my wishlist and a few other extra goodies in the parcel.

4 years ago

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(1 year ago)A few years ago..a fellow BM'er from France mooched a couple Clifford books from me, explaining that she was an English teacher. As I am a preschool director (fellow teacher also), we started emailing each other, she herself had a preschool child. The emails grew to become "virtual tours" of each others homes; then virtual tours of our cities and then we began to Skype. The short of this story is that they came from France to visit America for the first time and stayed in our home for 2 weeks!! They were the most gracious guests; we tried to show them a taste of America, in the mid-west, and we had a glorious time! While their English was great, their 4 year had not learned English yet so that was a little difficult. We remain very good friends and that period of time will forever be special in our hearts. All because of Bookmooch!
(4 years ago)I was mooching from someone in the US for 1 book, to my surprise he sent me another book from the same author which i also wish listed. Those were Hardback books and just read once!I was so delighted!
(4 years ago)There were many great experience for with BM, like with angels mooching heavy books for me, people unexpectedly smooching my points back or adding free books, but I particularly remember one mooch, from way back when I was still relatively new to the site. I mooched a bunch (6 or something like that) of books from one member, and they were sent to me in a USPS Flat rate box, so this amazing person added about the same amount of surprise books just to make the box full. The best thing was that all of the surprise books either were on my WL, or I planned to add them to it soon, and would have mooched them all anyway! You just gotta love BM:)
(4 years ago)I've had quite a few great experiences by way of Bookmooch...mostly involving angels. One instance in particular, I was after an especially rare SF book and when it popped up with a "not to your country" tag, I scrambled to find an angel. A really nice woman snagged it for me, but over the next month never got any response from the owner (who hasn't been back since). The angel let me know of the problem (I had been trying to keep tabs as well) and then she told me she had tried to find another copy for me (both online and in bookstores) but that even used copies in poor condition were running $40 per copy, so she didn't get one (I'm glad...that would've been too much). I was astonished that she would go to such lengths for a stranger. Anyways, I wrote it off as an unfortunate missed mooch and relisted the book on my wishlist. Then, similar to Jon's situation, but some three MONTHS later, the same angel that I had approached earlier contacted me saying that she had found an affordable copy of the book at a bookstore in her city and had bought it for me, and asked if I was still interested. After recovering from the shock of understanding that she had kept my book in mind for so long, and had been looking for it (I hope not too strenuously), I answered in the affirmative. It was a great example of some of the great people that are part of Bookmooch. That and many other experiences in the same vein have led me to try to be a better member myself.
Rebel Sun
(4 years ago)I am in the US. Several months ago I emailed a BookMooch Angel in the UK to mooch a book for me. By the time she read my email and tried to mooch the book someone else had already mooched it. To my astonishment, a few days later she wrote to me saying she had found the book at a used bookstore and bought it for me, if I still wanted it. She added it to her inventory and reserved it for me. I mooched it. What an amazing act of generosity. Jon
Jon Maloney