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Denise Allan : BMJournal artistic thoughts for charity

Author: Denise Allan
Title: BMJournal artistic thoughts for charity
Moochable copies: No copies available
Binding: Spiral bound
Pages: 0
Date: 2012-1
ISBN: BM1332792706469746755
Previous givers: 1 Denise (United Kingdom)
Previous moochers: 1 Hannah (Israel)
Description: This journal is all about the power of art and it's place in our society. So use as many pages as you like to express your artist side. When the journal is full I intend to auction it and give the proceeds to charity. I will also photograph each page and make them available for moochers to see. If the journal gets damaged or full please let me know or at

Happy journalling! :D

Reviews: Bookmooch Journal Library Charity (Heard and Mc Donald Islands) (2012/03/29):
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