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Gill T. and Bookmooch Journallers : BMJournal Postcards of paintings

Author: Gill T. and Bookmooch Journallers
Title: BMJournal Postcards of paintings
Moochable copies: No copies available
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 40
Date: 2012-1
ISBN: BM1327146200255412282
Publisher: BMJournals
Size: 18.5 x 14.5 x 2 centimeters
Previous givers:
Previous moochers:
2Bookmooch Journal Library Charity (Heard and Mc Donald Islands), tennantfamily (United Kingdom).
Description: This journal contains an assortment of paintings and art work in the form of postcards. Choose one and write about it inserting in the pocket (or page) opposite the picture you are describing.
Please always check the next requester is a friend of bmjl and understands the need to pass journals on promptly using the number given above.
Contact me at tennantfamily:U.K. or at bmjl. Pictures can be sent to to be included in the slideshow.
Reviews: Bookmooch Journal Library Charity (Heard and Mc Donald Islands) (2012/01/21):
Get more information about journalling, including descriptions of the journals and images of the journal covers, at the BookMooch Journals site. Go directly to this journal’s entry herePlease relist within two weeks ONLY on Bookmooch.

Kar-bie (USA: LA) (2014/03/29):
This is a BMJournal not a regular book. You should be a friend of the BM Library bmjl if you wish to join the project. (type bmjl into the friend request block) Journals are not yours to keep. You mooch it, make an entry within two weeks of receiving it and relist it by the same number. Before sending it on make sure the person requesting is also a friend of bmjl by checking their friend list.

bmjstates (USA: VA) (2014/04/11):