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Gill T. & Bookmoochers : BMJournal 3 wordless melodies

Author: Gill T. & Bookmoochers
Title: BMJournal 3 wordless melodies
Moochable copies: No copies available
Binding: Spiral bound
Pages: 28
Date: 2010-9
ISBN: BM1302562849964895011
Publisher: BMJournals
Previous givers:
Previous moochers:
Description: The theme of this journal is wordless melody or song. This includes vocalised sound, but not words; sound produced mechanically or on musical or non-musical instruments, natural sounds etc.. Excluded is anything with words, although guitar, sax. or drum breaks in the middle of a song are acceptable.
Take 4 pages for your entry.
The idea is to list three such wordless things which you regard as worth listening to, whether you love it, hate it, or just are amazed by it, taking a page for each of the three ideas. You can write as small as possible to fit a lot onto your page, or include illustrations, photos, pictures etc. and preferably a sound-track, either as a url or recorded as a CD or mp3 and a link given.
Your fourth page (whatever order you choose) is to pick one of the previous moocher’s offered soundtracks to listen to and to comment on it. Please also date, sign in some form and add BMid to your entry.
I have left enough pages for 6 entries and then it should return to me (I’ll mooch it back). I will comment on one of the last moocher’s offered sounds and add three more on new pages and send it off again. If it gets too heavy I’ll upload the entries to the journal site as a slide show and just include the starter pages before resending. (Wish I could add the soundtracks too!)
If it needs repair or additional pages let me know and I’ll mooch it back. Please keep it circulating, and have fun!
Please see
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the Bookmooch Wiki entry on journalling:

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It is also sensible to check that anyone requesting a journal from you understands what journalling involves. It is distressing when we lose journals.

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tennantfamily (United Kingdom) (2011/04/29):
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tennantfamily (United Kingdom) (2012/01/02):
also mooched by jfit and hanhel but when relisted they were lost from the listing,

tennantfamily (United Kingdom) (2012/05/12):

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