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JitterbugDreams : BMJournal~Faerie and Fantasy~let your imagination soar!

Author: JitterbugDreams
Title: BMJournal~Faerie and Fantasy~let your imagination soar!
Moochable copies: No copies available
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 0
Date: 2008-1
ISBN: BM1189124556244566979
Previous givers:
Previous moochers:
1Joan (USA: TN).
Description: Faerie and Fantasy~let your imagination soar! Faeries, Elves, Dragons and more! Create your own imaginary world and say a few (or alot) of words about it. Feel free to use two pages. When the journal is finished please contact me for return address.
Reviews: Debi (USA: UT) (2008/07/03):
What a fun and delightful journal! I have the only entry, although I am not the original owner. Have fun everyone! Journal hugz, Debi Hoggan

Alicia (USA: GA) (2008/07/26):
Get more information, including images of the journals, at the BookMooch Journals site. Go directly to this journal’s entry here.

tennantfamily (United Kingdom) (2011/04/27):
Please ONLY relist on Bookmooch.

Kar-bie (USA: LA) (2012/05/22):
Wow, there are a lot of fairies in here! I loved seeing them.

tennantfamily (United Kingdom) (2012/07/21):
When I mooched this before one of my school art student pupils and her mother made entries and I ran out of time. This time I have made an entry, although I am not a confident artist, about the history and possible origins of fairies. The journal is a feast for the eyes, and fairly full despite only half the pages being used to date.

Bookmooch Journal Library Charity (Heard and Mc Donald Islands) (2012/07/22):
This journal is being returned to its creator. Not sure if it will travel again yet.

bmjstates (USA: VA) (2012/08/10):