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Becky Short & Many Other Artistic Souls Who Love BookMooch : The True Bohemian Café Blank Book Art Journal

Author: Becky Short & Many Other Artistic Souls Who Love BookMooch
Title: The True Bohemian Café Blank Book Art Journal
Moochable copies: No copies available
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 0
Date: 2006-1
ISBN: BM1174253769401057247
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Description: "bohemian" - "a person, as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices." (courtesy

This book is part of the BookMooch Journal Project - brain child of our own Ken Samson! It is a hand made journal/blank book I purchased through online artistic friends. The title comes from the cover created by the book artist.

In the spirit of the journal's title, I'd like this book to be about bending, breaking, living outside of, and/or around the "rules" - whatever we perceive the "rules" to be. There are no "rules" for this journal beyond the one of NOT altering or destroying another person's entry. When the book is full and complete, please send it home to me. You can contact me through my BookMooch ID of writeart.
I hope to scan the completed book and post it for others to enjoy through one of my web sites.
Reviews: Kenneth Samson (USA: MD) (2007/03/20):
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Alicia (USA: GA) (2008/05/26):
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cheryl (USA: AR) (2013/03/26):
Your definition of Bohemian is aggravatingly half baked! I am a person of Bohemian ancestry,immagrants from Prague,Czech. They were hard working farmers not lack-a daze-a-cal. We've got to think of another term for creative,outside the lines person...hippie? (I loved the hippies()