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John Hagee : Jerusalem Countdown

Author: John Hagee
Title: Jerusalem Countdown
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Published in: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 225
Date: 2005-12-23
ISBN: 1591858933
Publisher: Frontline
Latest: 2015/01/08
Weight: 0.85 pounds
Size: 6.14 x 9.06 x 0.58 inches
Edition: First Edition
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1Suzanne Domme (USA: KS).
Description: Product Description

"WE ARE ON A COUNTDOWN TO CRISIS. The coming nuclear showdown with Iran is a certainty. The battle for Jersalem has already begun. That war will affect every nation on Earth, including America, and will affect every person on Planet Earth."

- John Hagee

The nuclear storm clouds are gathering over Iran and Israel and casting a long shadow on America and several other countries!


  • What is the Pentagon's contingency plan for the use of nuclear weapons against at least seven countries?
  • Where will the United States use the bunker-busting mini-nukes, and how will they reduce the collateral damage?
  • To what extent are Russians, French, and Germans helping Iran achieve its dream of a nuclear holocaust?
  • How will an attack on Jerusalem affect America?

Jerusalem Countdown by best-selling author John Hagee anticipates Israel's strategies toward any Iranian threat and the resulting effect upon America. Can anyone actually believe that the Islamic fanatics presently in charge of the Iranian government would not use these weapons on America?

Hagee skillfully unveils the reasons Islam and Israel cannot dwell peaceably together as he paints a convincing picture explaining why Christians must support the Holy Land.

"Those nations who align with God's purposes will receive His blessing. Those who follow a policy of opposition to God's purposes will receive the swift and severe judgment of God without limitation."

-John Hagee

Reviews: Sleepy554 (USA: FL) (2010/02/27):
Editorial Reviews
Product Description
This highly anticipated audio version on CD of John Hagee's best selling updated edition of Jerusalem Countdown, unveils the reasons radical Islam and Israel cannot dwell peaceably together. Dr. Hagee paints a convincing picture explaining why Christians must support the State of Israel by saying, Those nations who align with God's purpose will receive His blessing. Those who follow a policy of opposition to God's purpose will receive the swift and severe judgement of God without limitation. Can anyone actually believe that the Islamic fanatics presently in charge of the Iranian government would not use nuclear weapons on Israel, America, and the World?

Personally, I did not enjoy the writing style or Dr. Hagee's narative. Perhaps, I missed the point, the ranting of wrath really turned me off.

Hope7 (USA: TX) (2010/06/17):
Scarey book. I found it rather ironic that we are seeing our country now agree with much of what Hagee reports in his book regarding Iran and their nuclear threat. I was very discombooberated with Islams hatred of Christianity and their level of committment in destroying America and Isreal. I have some bad news for them, Hitler tried it too, and others throughout history, although they cause much pain and suffering they have never been able to destroy either one, Christianity nor Judaism, one wonders how long it will take, men like Akmadinajad, when will the world understand that by fighting Jews and Christians them they are in fact fighting against God in heaven. Very scarey book. I recommend this book to all PBS readers. I shall share it with my church friends when Im done with it. I give it a 5. I did enjoy the latter half of the book because of its eye popping use of scripture from the Holy Bible predicting the very events we are seeing today. I did not think it was necessary to write in such detail about nuclear armament procurement and that would be the only thing I would change about this book.

Some highlights from book.
Page 34 para 6 quote, " However, Islam teaches that God commands Islamo-fascists to kill anyone who does not believe Allah is the only God. Islamo-fascists consider it an honor to die fighting Christians and Jews-the death of a martyr is their only sure way to get to heaven....Islamo-fascism is far more dangerous than Nazism".end quote. It might be more dangerous but it will receive the same fate.

Page 35 para 2 quote, The FBI terrorist division has stated there are seven US cities targetted by Islamic terrorists for nuclear suitcase bombs. These seven cities are New York, Miami, Houston,Las Vegas,Los Angeles, Chicago,and Washington DC." end quote If you notice these cities are also known for their liberal embrace of sexual perversions of every kind..I thought that an interesting point.

Page 37 para 2 quote, "In addition,its evil leaders(speaking of Iran)have publically declared that they will use violence-any kind and any degree possible-to reach Islams highest goal: a successful holy war( jihad) against the United States, the big Satan, and Israel the small Satan. end quote
I hope those who read this book are struck by the events unfolding today and know that our support and alliance with Isreal is our only salvation in the days ahead.

I hope that others who read this book will realized to the very heart and soul that our alliance and support of Israel is our only hope in the days ahead

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