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J.M. Pierce : Duality

Author: J.M. Pierce
Title: Duality
Moochable copies: No copies available
Published in: English
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 144
Date: 2010-10-29
ISBN: 1453892966
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Weight: 0.49 pounds
Size: 7.87 x 0.33 x 5.17 inches
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Description: Product Description
Can the damned be saved?   Kurt Lavine is at the end of his rope. Having buried his wife and eldest daughter, his grip on reality begins to fade. The loss of his loved ones, as well as his job, sends him into a downward spiral filled with alcohol and self pity. Inevitably, his mother has reported him to DHS, resulting in the loss of his two remaining children. Desperate and capable of anything, Kurt has nothing to lose...or so he thinks.   The day comes when, in a fit of anger, Kurt kills a man. In his attempt to flee, his tumultuous life comes to an abrupt end. For some, death is a blessing, but for Kurt, death is a name, or more specifically, his new name: Gavril-Satan's newest demon servant. Though his life was filled with pain, his death is tormented with the memories of the destruction his days above Hell purchased. Having successfully harvested the soul he's desired, Satan sees him as an easy mark; however, he's not counting on the fact that Gavril retains his faith. Even among the damned, Gavril knows that there is only one name that matters in both Heaven and Hell, but is his enduring faith, combined with the love of his children, enough to save him?
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